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Friday, September 02, 2005

Only free lumber duty free? Fine. Donate the 5 Billion to relief

I saw this post at Canadian Cynic regarding the American lumber lobby saying the duty should be lifted for free lumber for reconstruction in Louisiana and Mississippi. Obviously I was not impressed. Now that is a classic example of the arrogance and self-centeredness of that lobby, especially using this disaster to advance their own agenda. So how about we (Canada) respond by saying we will relinquish all claims to the 5 billion in collected lumber tariffs if that money is donated to the relief efforts for Katrina. This way if it is accepted that money does not go to the lumber companies competing with Canadian producers, and if it is rejected it can be used to show the arrogance and callousness indifference to the suffering of their fellow Americans in time of great need. After all, who really needs this money more now, profitable lumber companies or the destitute and ravaged Americans in Louisiana, particularly New Orleans? It would also have the additional benefit of making Canada look better in American eyes, and might also help get this long standing lumber dispute into the American consciousness and perhaps finally after a quarter century get it dealt with fairly and finally. If nothing else it might be a way to turn the tables on the American lumber lobby and put them behind an eight ball for a change. I think this has nothing but upsides for Canada if we take this tack with this idiotic suggestion by the American lumber lobby.

Just a thought.


Blogger Mark Francis said...

i don't know.

Another tactic would be to charge one penny per lot of wood, and watch them apply the tarif.

I think it would be viewed as being too political for the times, despite the shamelessness of the US woftwood lobby.

Sat Sep 03, 12:24:00 AM 2005  
Blogger KnightofGoodMrIronMan said...

mark (The Spot)

"i don't know." I do.

"Another tactic would be to charge one penny per lot of wood, and watch them apply the tarif." A better "tactic" would be to charge a BUCK a fucking foot and "watch them apply the tariff".

"I think it would be viewed as being too political for the times,"
No more cheap Canadian Beef for America... Either.

"despite the shamelessness of the US woftwood lobby." It is time to be MORE "shameless"

If they have a problem with our wood or beef... FUCK EM.

Sat Sep 03, 12:51:00 AM 2005  
Blogger KnightofGoodMrIronMan said...


Your not deleting comments like "buckets" of GREY MORALITY? Are you?

Sat Sep 03, 12:54:00 AM 2005  
Blogger Scotian said...


No, I only delete spam. My intentions are to leave comments in place, although that is not an absolute. However, I will not start deleting anyone until they have provided multiple examples of a need to do so, and it will be done case by case. That does not mean though that if one leaves a comment they are going to get an answer, especially in your case. This is an exception, since it allows me to address the deleted posts to date and my current intentions regarding deletions of comments.


It would be too political? On this I am not sure I can agree, especially given the current Administration. Though I do like your alternate suggestion, I certainly would be cool with that one as well. What I really want is to see the American lumber lobby to be shown to be the asholes that they are. I guess after the last couple of decades and it not mattering how well we got along with the government of the day I am willing to start playing true hardball politics with the Americans on this issue. Given the amount of damage this matter has done to that sector of the Canadian economy and population over those decades I find it hard to see how we can get anywhere without being particularly hardnosed in the ways we go about it. That said, a full out trade war is not something I would like to see, but the risk of such is no longer in my mind sufficient reason to continue to stay bent over to the American prostate exams we keep "enjoying".

Tue Sep 06, 01:27:00 AM 2005  

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