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Friday, August 05, 2005

Speaking of the Rev Fred Phelps

I find it interesting that in the past week I have encountered the Rev Phelps on two different matters, the first one as an example of the concerns surrounding the Emery prosecution/extradition. That was ok, because it simply was making the point that the way Mr. Emery is being sought under American laws by American law enforcement without any Canadian charges being laid or for that matter the offence being prosecuted in Canada for many years now. Then I ran across this and became quite nauseated indeed. This so called man of God and patriotic American seems to think that it is a good idea to celebrate the death of American soldiers in Iraq as God's punishment for allowing homosexuality in America. That is a mentality that should be offensive to all true people of faith, yet this man is still regarded by many on the Right in both America and Canada as a hero. Anyone that buys into this kind of zealotry is no better, indeed is the soul brother/sister of the Islamic terrorists like Osama bin Laden.

It is too bad we have the Talebangelists in North America trying to do here with Christianity what Osama and company are trying to do with Islam in the ME. It is up to all of us that value the rule of law, tolerance of diversity, and the notion that all are equal before the law to fight this mentality at every turn from gaining power. In America that battle is to retake control of the government, and thankfully it seems to be gaining some strength taking the Ohio election last Tuesday as one example. In Canada we must prevent the CPC from taking power until they deal with their own religious extremists and reduce their power within the party to what a fringe element should properly have instead of the near control that they currently have.


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