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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

An interesting letter to Mr. Harper from a fellow conservative

I'm reading around the blogs in the blogosphere when I encountered this post from the Conservative Hipster. Now, while I do not share his political views and preferences, I did find it to have much merit to it. I would recommend it to Mr. Harper as well, not that he would, nor frankly should take advice from me given my deep distrust and concerns regarding his party. However, that all being said, if one reads only from where the Conservative Hipster says, "Lead, Mr. Harper" onwards, it is hard for any honest political observer/student of any stripe to dispute the wisdom in those last few paragraphs of this post.

The problem though I think is that this advice even if it were to be followed is several months too late now. Given the visibility of Angry Mr. Harper in the Spring, the changeable Mr. Harper on the budget and other policies the Liberals had put forward, and finally the lying Mr. Harper when he accused the Liberals and Paul Martin of selling Senate seats for MP votes and used fake evidence to corroborate said accusation, it would be all too easy to shred any favourable image/vision Mr. Harper puts forward. At least until and unless he is able to explain his previous actions, which I think he would be reluctant to do, especially on the Grewal deception. Not to mention the crusade he made out of SSM, helping to brand the CPC as a one issue party to some extent, and certainly creating the impression that the CPC is a socially conservative dominated/controlled party.

No, while I think the advice the Conservative Hipster is providing is sound and valid advice, I think it comes too late to be effective even if immediately adopted by Mr. Harper. Still, it is nice to read a conservative poster that demonstrates a real understanding of the world of politics instead of more of this crying about the evil Liberal media conspiracy crap I keep running across from all too many online Conservatives, hence why I take note of it. Pity he seems to belong to a tiny minority, but who knows, that could change over time.


Blogger B-Double said...

Thank you for your kind comments, and thank you for reading my blog.

In defence of my fellow Conservatives, I think you might be surpised to learn how many of my colleagues feel the same was as I do. I was happy to receive the comments that I did, mostly from fellow Tories.

In any event, all Canadians of political stripes should be looking for, if not demanding, this kind of leadership regardless of party.

Anything short of that is not worthy of our vote.

Thanks again.

Wed Aug 17, 11:00:00 AM 2005  

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