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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Grewal/Harper still have to answer for their lies to Canadians

Last night the RCMP released a statement that said they were closing the investigation into any criminal charges coming from the contents of the Grewal recordings turned over to them. That neither Grewal nor Murphy and Dosanjh committed any criminal acts on these recordings, nor did Grewal apparently hand the RCMP edited/altered recordings. That the Liberals were not breaking the law and trying to buy MP votes, and that Grewal was not trying to sell his vote. This is what the RCMP were dealing with.

However, that is not what was the basis for the Grewal/Harper/CPC edited recordings fraud/scandal. No, that was something else again, and it is important that the two matters not be conflated, because the CPC, Harper, and Grewal still have to answer for their bearing of false witness to all Canadians through the use of faked evidence when they claimed the recordings proved the Liberals were willing to sell Senate seats for votes when they clearly were not. This was after all the original charge made by Grewal and supported by Harper and the CPC from May 18 05 onwards to the second week of June when it was clearly demonstrated that their recordings were heavily edited so as to make that allegation appear truthful. Indeed, that allegation was the heart of the scandal and the focus of the questions regarding these recordings in Question Period during the two weeks between the May 18 05 release and the May 31 05 edited release.

Whether the RCMP had been handed over the full recordings was always irrelevant to the actions taken by the CPC when they released the edited recordings on Grewal's website on May 31 05 and then for the next two days vouched for the recordings completeness, accuracy, and integrity. That any complaints by the Liberals of missing material and editing was totally without merit and nothing more than a smokescreen attempt to dodge answering why they were willing to sell Senate seats according to the CPC. That the focus on the Senate seat allegation by the CPC for the two to three week period when it was a false allegation, and one Grewal HAD to know was false since he was in the meetings the recordings were made from, was never supported by the facts. It is also an allegation that should have been understood to be false once the CPC had the recordings for twelve days before the May 31 05 release by the CPC and Harper. Yet they still released the edited May 31 05 recordings and continued the attack on a false allegation using falsified evidence to make it appear like they were telling the truth.

This leaves some rather important questions still needing answers. We know that Grewal knew he was lying from the outset, and we know this from his own recordings once the final "full" release came out. However, when did the CPC get the full recordings, when did they examine them, and why did they continue with the lie about Senate seat selling once they had the full recordings which clearly showed otherwise? Who did the editing, was it entirely Grewal and therefore he lied to his party and leader and placed them in the position of supporting a lie? Was it someone(s) within the CPC, and if so who within the CPC knew about it and when did they know it? After the final release of the recordings where it was clear the May 31 05 release was edited and that the Senate seat selling allegation never had any merit to it, why was it never retracted by the CPC and Harper, and why have they to this day refused to even acknowledge that they tried to pass off a heavily edited recording as accurate to "prove" that their claims of Senate seat selling was truthful when it clearly was not? Was this solely the act of a renegade member of the CPC caucus, or was this in collusion with the CPC leadership? The actions, or rather lack of actions taken against Grewal for this fraud and placing the CPC in the center of this fraud implies that he was not acting alone, that he had CPC support, quite possibly including Harper. Otherwise, he should have been gone long before now.

So we are still left with the questions as to who edited these recordings, when did the CPC leadership and Harper know they had been edited, and when did they find out that the Senate seat selling allegation against the Liberals and PMO specifically never had any merit to them. Why once this fraud was discovered and that the CPC had been lying to Canadians about the Senate seat selling allegation form the outset has the CPC completely refused to accept any responsibility for this act of deception against all Canadians? How can a man that supposedly has the personal honesty Harper is reputed to have be a party to such a lie, and once exposed to the reality that he had been spreading an unsupported lie why has he not come forward and explained himself to Canadians? Not to mention how a party that claims to be "clean cut" and full of integrity and would bring back ethics and principle to government was party to this deception, and once the deception was exposed refused to accept responsibility and take the appropriate measures against those that caused the CPC to besmirch it's good name and credibility with this fraud? The RCMP investigation does nothing to answer these questions, nor to diminish their importance and necessity for them to be answered before this matter is allowed to pass.

No, the Grewal/Harper/CPC scandal of lying to Canadians about a serious criminal allegation using falsified evidence is still as real as ever. Do not let this RCMP closure of the investigation of the contents in the recordings given to them and the integrity of the recordings given to them be conflated with what the CPC did on Grewal's website, the lies about Senate seat selling, and their use of falsified evidence to make that allegation appear truthful, and their refusal to explain themselves once they were caught in this lie and using false evidence to support this lie. That is still as serious an issue and unanswered for as it was prior to this RCMP report.


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Well said Scotian. Couldn;t have done better.

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