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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Harper's idea of personal responsibility for one's actions...blame everyone else for his mistakes!

So this is the honest clean cut Conservative PM the Harperites told Canadians would be a breath of fresh air in his honesty, integrity, and accountability. When called on one of his policy changes which I blogged about here I might add he instead of accepting the responsibility that he made a wrong decision instead blamed the military for the problem. Something people need to remember is that the original policy was to ask the family members whether they were comfortable with coverage of the returning body at the repatriation ceremony that Harper and Minister O'Connor changed to no coverage at all. What is more they did so with zero evidence of any consultation with military families involved or even as a response to complaints by said families. No, this was a purely political decision taken by Harper likely to reduce the amount of visibility of the deadly costs involved in the Afghanistan mission and for no other reason. I found it contemptible at the time and am glad to see it reversed. I am not glad though by the way Harper blamed everyone else for his bad call and even the military for not following his instructions to let families chose (which considering his decision was an arbitrary blanket ban is pure fiction aka A BOLD FACED LIE) whether there will be coverage. It was Harper's decision about a month ago to implement a blanket ban, it was covered at the time, so for him to try and claim that this was not what he did to try and weasel away from his own publicly recorded blanket ban decision is grossly insulting to the intelligence of all Canadians, especially those that are military and/or follow military issues closely.

If Harper had simply come out and said "I made a mistake with this policy change and I am now going back to the old policy." then he would have my respect for doing so and for taking personal responsibility/accountability for a bad decision as a good leader should do. That though was not what he did. No, he blamed everyone around him but himself and tried to lie about what his decision a month ago on this matter was despite the clear public record showing the lie for what it was. This is not the act of a man of honour, honesty, integrity, and especially not accountability and personal responsibility. Which is no surprise to me given he proved his comfort with blatant lies last year with the Grewal fraud he endorsed, took advantage of, and then covered up once the fraud was exposed (this post link covers the primary details of that fraud in it).

So far I can think of exactly one Harper decision as PM where I could completely agree with him, and that is one the Silver medal being awarded to the male spouse of a dead female soldier. The fact I can only find one thing where I can completely support him is disturbing. It indicates that this man is so far away from the beliefs and principles I cherish (as many other Canadians also cherish) that he does not represent me, my views, or for that matter the Canada I grew up in and loved/respected as much as I have. It also shows that this man is far more interested in using even the military and military missions for partisan domestic political aims than he is in doing right by our men and women in uniform. For a man and a party that has for years gone on and on about how they are the only ones that really respect the military and military service their actions certainly demonstrate a level of contempt worse than any other party. Yet again one more example of Harper's do as I say not as I do approach to life, but then for Harper and CPCers it is this that is the guiding light of their beliefs...IOKIYAC (It's O K If You Are Conservative).

Harper, the man that blames everyone else for his failures and failings, from the media to the military. Yes, this is what accountable government really looks like...NOT!!!


Anonymous john for honest blogging said...

Snore, find a new axe to grind. Your constant referral to everything being like Grewal is tiresome, boring and devoid of any independent thinking. Although I will give you credit here because for once you did not throw in the comparison to Bush and the Republicans.
It is just so hard to take any of your posts with any credibility when you constantly are beating the Grewal drum. Leaves the reader with the impression that you STILL can't get over it and will use another soldiers death as an excuse to open up the Grewal debate again. You tried this before and got called on it and here you are trying again. Is there no shame for you?
While we are on the credibility hunt, you are really in no position to lecture anyone on admitting a mistake and making corrective action as we have seen numerous times where you have been proven wrong but simply ignore the facts presented and refuse to admit any fault. Like I said long ago, you and those you so angerly oppose, have more in common than you care to admit.

Tue May 30, 05:24:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Scotian said...


You telling me to find a new axe to grind is hilarious given your own actions at this blog, you did notice just how heavy the irony in such a suggestion coming from yourself was, right?

Give it a rest John, you keep projecting your issues and emotional states upon me, aside from Trolletariat members you have failed to convince anyone else that your claims where I and my arguments are concerned have any merit at all. Indeed, generally all you have done is convince others that my assessment of your behaviour is correct.

As for my comparing this lie of Harper's to another well documented case of his lying to Canadians in the Grewal fraud, the shoe fits.

As for your claim that I am always linking GWB and Harper and the CPC, you are partly correct in this, as I do see many of the same political tactics and strategies used by the GOP and particularly Bush43 being used by Harper and the CPC. In other words this is not an empty smear without any evidence to support it (unlike several of your critiques of my work in the past) but a valid argument supported by evidence like Ralph Reed's visits with the CPCers, and especially in the case of Frank Luntz not only meeting with Civitas but for over an hour with Prime Minister Harper himself. There are many other connections including the fact that Harper has been a follower of the Calgary School of political thought, a school which was heavily influenced by the writings of one Leo Strauss, who is better known in America as the creator of the neocon movement with his political theories.

So yet again John you show you are projecting your own anger and arrogance onto others, in this case myself. Thanks yet again for continuing to provide such an excellent example of this behaviour for all to see.

BTW, John for honest blogging?!? Man you really need to stop acting like you are some sort of blogging monitor/authority empowered to determine who is honest and ethical and who is not. You are not the ethics commissioner for blogging, all this shows is you putting on airs yet again. You really need to deal with these insecurity issues you have.

Wed May 31, 03:19:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous john for honest blogging said...

No insecurities here. I don't have this anger you speak of. Take a look in the mirror, I am not the one writing a weekly hate piece against the government.
Honest blogging. It's just that simple. You claim one thing but do another. That is dishonest. Proof is in the pudding. There is nothing wrong with my behaviour as I am not the one making bogus claims and avoiding honest debate. I guess your hate campaign will have to back to the drawing board as you keep pissing away any credibility you think you may have.
The irony with people like yourself is this, one day you will probably actually have a true and valid argument on something but the rest of the world won't give a shit because you have cried wolf so many times that nobody believes your writings are anything more than partisan bigotry. Might explain why I am the only one who ever comments here anymore, everyone else has just packed up and moved on.
ps. still waiting for you to admit your error on the senate posting, the emerson posting... or can we still assume you are still all talk and no action. Just like that evil Stephen Harper you hate so much? Do you see it yet?

Wed May 31, 04:34:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous john for honest blogging said...

As I assumed. Credibility zero. Thank you for displaying your true colours and bigotry.

Sun Jun 04, 01:21:00 AM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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