After much prodding by other bloggers, I set this up for my own writings. The name is in honour of the two women that mentored me throughout my life on politics and intelligence issues, as well as being wonderful family members, now alas deceased. I hope to live up to their standards at this site.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

On a pause here at Saundrie and Canadian politics

I thought those who might be interested should be informed that I may not be around much in the Canadian blogosphere over the next several days to a fortnight, As I mentioned in an earlier post I had a mild cardiac event, well it repeated itself at the beginning of the week and I am currently undergoing tests to find out what is going on here. My doctor does not want me getting overly emotional/worked up, so I am staying focused on the US Dem primaries since unlike Canadian politics I do not have much of an emotional investment. I will be lurking from time to time through this period, but I doubt I will be saying much, at least not until I have a better idea of why I am having arrythemia (I'm sure I'm misspelling this word) attacks pushing my pulse significantly beyond the 200 beats per minute. If something more serious happens I will make sure this blog posts it as I will get either my wife or father to do so. Until then take care all and be well, and I will thank those who offer their prayers in advance, since I do not know when I will be back here. It might only be for a few days, but since I do not know I cannot assume such. My doctor did describe this as something she found had urgency but not emergency level concern/worry for what it is worth, so with luck I will be back in the trenches against Harper's CPC soon enough.

**UPDATE** (Friday Feb 8 4:19pm AST)

It appears my EKG shows an anomaly within the electrical control mechanism of my heart and so I need further testing which I will be getting next week. The good news is that I apparently am not at significant risk for a heart attack (and haven't had one yet apparently), the problem here is the lack of oxygen delivery to the brain during the rapid pulse rate, in fact the cardiologist was startled that I didn't pass out during the first incident (I was greying out though) from that oxygen deficit. So long as I call for an ambulance if it happens again I should be fine, because a defibrillator will reset the electrical misfiring. I am still going to keep it calm and easy though and avoid the politics which causes me to get too worked up, because apparently that will increase the odds of such misfiring starting up. So that is where things stand as of now. Thanks btw Tomm for your well wishes, as well as to the anonymous in the comments section, it is appreciated.